Natalie Morales is Fired....Or Maybe Not

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The Daily Mail reports that Natalie Morales has been fired as the host of Access Hollywood by NBC executives in order to make way for Mario Lopez, who will be the new face of the revamped show.

The Daily Mail says that Morales will stay on at NBC as the West Coast Correspondent for the Today Show.

Cross the pond and the New York Post says that despite reports that Morales has been fired from “Access Hollywood,” Page Six has learned she will remain at NBC.

“This is not true,” an “Access” executive told Page Six on Wednesday. “Natalie has not been fired. She is and will continue to be a huge part of the NBC family.”

NBC carefully worded its statement as we’re told Morales will “likely” be leaving “Access” – and Lopez will “likely” be joining the show.

In other words, yes she is leaving Access Hollywood and no she is not leaving NBC.

You can decide what you want to call it.