4 More Years of Tegna


Two morning Anchors at Tegna’s WGRZ in Buffalo have agreed to stay at the station for 4 more years.

The Buffalo News writes that co-Anchor Melissa Holmes and Chief Meteorologist Patrick Hammer have both signed new deals to stay on.

The new contracts don’t assure Holmes and Hammer will stay in the morning, but that appears to be the plan for now.

They are two of the key components for the morning show, which was No. 1 in household viewership during the February sweeps.

“Most people wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to hear the alarm go off at 2:15 every morning, but honestly I feel privileged to help Western New York start their day and do it surrounded by my friends and the tremendously talented team on ‘Daybreak,’ ” Holmes said. “I was born and raised in Western New York and it fills my heart to know my 5-year-old son will have the same opportunity. This is home!”