Former Traffic Reporter Says Breast Implants Almost Killed Her

Tracy Gary used to be high up in a chopper doing traffic reports for morning TV and radio in Detroit. The self-described Energizer Bunny used to multi-task with the best of them, but she says that came to a screeching halt when she got breast implants back in 1998.

When Gary first started dating her husband more than 20 years ago, she was super skinny, only about 100 pounds.

"I just wanted to look proportioned. I looked like a little stick, and I felt like a little boy," she told WXYZ’s Carolyn Clifford.

When she got the implants, she said she immediately started having problems like weight gain and severe depression.

"When you say depression, what kind of thought did you have?" Clifford asked.

"Oh, suicidal thoughts all the time, all the time, it got so bad towards the end," Gary replied.

Gary and other women will be testifying at an FDA hearing in Washington at the end of the month about their breast implants that went wrong.