That's a Wrap in South Bend

Back in November of 2018, FTVLive told you that longtime WNDU (South Bend) Anchor Maureen McFadden was going to be calling it a career.

McFadden, who anchored the news alongside her brother Terry McFadden wrapped it up on Friday night.

On her last day the station sent a limo to her house to take her to work. But, there was one stop that still had to be made. “I usually get an iced tea at McDonald’s,” McFadden said before her last 6 p.m. newscast. “So I asked if we could go to McDonald’s, and we did.”

Her family and co-workers lined up in the hallway on the way to the studio and high fived her as she headed in to do her last show.

MacFadden called her career a blessed one that for many women in television news can be difficult.

H/T South Bend Tribune