Here It Comes...


Tim Apple is going to hold an event on March 25th and it will be a coming out for the tech giant’s streaming service.

That means, Apple is entering the world of NetFlix, HuLu and DirecTV along with others.

You have to think that Apple thinks there is room for one more, or they have ideas that no one else has thought of.

Apple is almost always late to the game with everything, but they come in with a game changer.

Look at the past, Apple was not the first with a digital music streamer, but they change the game with iPod. They were not first with a smart phone, yet the iPhone is the most popular in the world. Tablets were around long before Apple brought us iPads. In other words, they might not be first, but most often they are best.

So, it will be very interesting to see what Apple is offering up in their streaming service.

The event is March 25th and FTVLIve will be watching. We will also be putting DirecTV Now on notice that your days in the FTVLive World HQ could be numbered.

Stay tuned….