The Original...

It seems like over the last couple of weeks, shots of the FTVLive website have been popping up on the air during newscasts.

From Dothan, Alabama, to San Francisco and even Chicago, FTVLive is being spotted during station’s newscasts. Or it is popping up in the News Director’s office.

But, who was the first to show FTVLive on the air?

You have to go back years ago to FTVLive’s favorite Robin Meade.

As HLN was taking a bump out shot of Robin, you could see clearly what was on her monitor.


FTVLive has always loved Robin Meade, she is one of the best people in this business and a longtime friend.

She is also the first to show (even if it was inadvertently) FTVLive on the air.

Is your station bold enough to follow the lead?

If so, don’t forget to screenshot it and send it our way.

And as always, to everyone that works in TV news, thanks for reading.