NBC Boss: We Learned a Lesson


At SXSW conference, NBC News president Noah Oppenheim admitted that the Peacock screwed up when they hired Megyn Kelly.

FTVLive predicted that Megyn Kelly would fail and NBC and she did. The idea that we could see what the bosses at NBC could not , still is mind boggling to this day.

In talking about the failed Kelly experiment, Oppenheim said, "I don't think I would get much done if I spent any time thinking about how I would 'rewrite history,'" he said. "Look, she's obviously a talented journalist and a talented person. We learned a lot from the experiment of having put her at 9 a.m. She did some great work on a Sunday night magazine show that we were proud of. But, at the end of the day, in this business, sometimes you take big swings and they work out, and sometimes they don't. But, the important thing is to learn whatever lesson you can and keep moving forward."

Maybe, next time you should read and head what FTVLive has to say.

Just saying…