Front Office Special

Nexstar’s Perry Sook picked up some award called the “Golden Mike”, or is it “Golden Mic”?

Golden Mike_1551962823940.png_76282669_ver1.0_1280_720.jpg

Uncle Perry picked up the award and dropped off a big check to the people that handed him that award. Of course, all the Nexstar stations were instructed to run the story in their newscasts, despite the fact that none of the viewers have a clue who Perry Sook is?

A Google search shows you just some of the stations that run the front office special. Some said that Sook won the “Golden Mike” award and others said it was a “Golden Mic Award.”

Looking at the picture of Uncle Perry in his tux, it says “Golden Mike” award.

Not sure who Mike is, but his gold Jerry!

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 1.37.55 PM.png