Nexstar Station to Lose 4 On Air Staffers This Month

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With the Feb Book over, the changes are starting and a number of those changes are happening at Nexstar’s WIVB in Buffalo.

The Buffalo News reports that the station is losing four on air staffers this month.

The paper says that following the departure of reporter Jenn Schanz a few weeks ago, multimedia journalists (reporters) Marissa Perlman, Angela Christoforos and Rachele Mongiovi will be headed out the door in March.

Meteorologist Kaylee Wendt, a native of Pendleton, also announced her departure Wednesday after three years amid speculation that she may be headed to Spectrum News.

The exits of the four women are the result of their contracts running out at close to the same time.

Perlman, who is from the Chicago area and arrived here four years ago, is headed for a bigger market at an undisclosed California station, according to station sources.

They all were hired by former Channel 4 News Director Steve Levy.

In preparation for the departures, WIVB has announced the hiring of two reporters, Angelica Morrison and Marlee Tuskes, and a new female meteorologist, Stevie Daniels.