The Forrest Through the Trees

I will admit, I totally missed this one.

But thanks to a lot of FTVLive readers that emailed me, I see it now.

Yesterday, FTVLive did the story of WDIV (Detroit) Anchor Evrod Cassimy, who was was driving home from work when a big chunk of a concrete fell off an overpass that Cassimy was driving under. It landed on his sunroof and smashed it to bits.

We grabbed a screenshot of Cassimy from the story that WCIV did.

We never really payed attention to the super and what it said under his name.


I think I once shatted on I-75 during a long road trip.

Lucky for me, it did not make the local newscast.

Thanks to all the eagle eyes FTVLive readers that pointed this out.