You Cannot be Serious?


FTVLive has told you how Tegna’s WUSA (DC) has hired a comedian to anchor the station’s morning newscast.

For some reason, Tegna thinks that this is an “edgy” move by having a comic tell you about the latest shooting and murder in the DMV.

Not only did the station hire a comic, there is obviously no dress code either.

Yesterday, Comedian/News Anchor Reese Waters anchored the newscast wearing a lime green hoodie with the words “You Cannot Be Serious” across the back of it.

Now maybe this was a message to his bosses about his hiring?


Can you image that you are scheduled for surgery in the morning and the hospital tells you that they have replaced your Doctor with a comedian, and that is who will be performing your surgery?

What the station did by hiring a comic is spit in the face of Journalism and basically say that the job you are doing is not very important.

Also, having guy dress like he’s going to the local skate park, shows us, they really could care less about the presentation of their product.

I guess Tegna thinks that TV news is nothing more than a big joke.

The idea that a middle age man is giving us the news about Micheal Cohen testifying to Congress and Donald Trump meeting with a Dictator to try and stop nuclear war while wearing a loud hoodie with the words “You Cannot Be Serious” written across the back, is what Tegna thinks is the future of TV news.

It’s sort of like going to visit migrant children separated from their families at the border and wearing a jacket that says, “I don’t care, do you?”

Maybe it’s time that Tegna drops the comic, give the job back to a professional Journalist and show this industry a little more respect that it deserves.

And yes… I am Serious!