Reporter is Licked Live on Camera

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A Canadian stand-up comic is coming under intense criticism today for his bizarre and inappropriate treatment of a Toronto journalist.

CBC Toronto reporter Chris Glover was reporting live on Tuesday evening from Comedy Bar, when comedian Boyd Banks can be seen poking his face almost desperately over the reporter's shoulders.

Eventually, Banks starts to lick the visibly uncomfortable reporter's ear and neck. As Glover leans away, Banks follows him closely and continues trying to lick and kiss him.

"Things are getting a little awkward out here, so I'm going to pass it back to you, Dwight," Glover said.

"No one would (hopefully) ever do this do a construction worker, a grocery store clerk, or anyone else doing their job in their workplace," noted Global TV News Director Mackay Taggart in response to the clip. "Why do people feel compelled to do this to a TV reporter. [Chris Glover] I'm sorry you had to experience this."

"I'm not going to share what [Banks] did on the news," wrote Mark Forward, one of Canada's most-prominent comics on Twitter Wednesday morning. "But fuck you dude. We are begging for fucking respect from our country. Everyone. Grow the fuck up. Cheers and good morning."

"I'm so sorry you were treated so horribly," Forward continued. "It's disgusting and wrong. I truly appreciate you coming to cover our story and I'm so sorry."

Here’s the video:

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