All About Me TV...

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Back in the day Journalist were taught to tell the story, give both sides and keep your opinion out of it.

Now, it’s all me TV and it’s almost like TV newsrooms no longer need people outside the newsroom to do stories. They now just do stories about themselves.

And when a ratings book rolls around, that is the time that that TV people talk about their cancer battle, their alcoholism woes, mental health issues or addictions.

Viewers deal with these issues each and everyday and it is not hard to find someone going through these problems and tell their story.

But, today’s TV news person rather make the story all about them.

And here is an example of that from Tegna’s WKYC in Cleveland.

Anchor Hollie Strano dealt with “severe anxiety” for almost two years. She picked the February book 2019 to talk about this "deeply personal issue."