Stick a Fork in Him....He's Done

Steve Cannon headshot_1515787851341.png_9980713_ver1.0_320_240.jpg

After 42 years, KIDK (Idaho Falls) forecaster Steve Cannon says that he is retiring.

If you were thinking this would be another one of those long goodbyes, you’re wrong, he wrpas it all up on Friday.

Cannon started his broadcasting career at then KIDK March 1977. He started off as a Reporter and News Anchor.

In August 1977, he learned the fundamentals of forecasting the weather and has been doing it ever since. He was a Weatherman and not a Meteorologist, which is rare now-a-days.

Also rare, is a longtime Anchor leaving and not saying he will be signing off at the end of the year or somewhere else down the road.

It was announced on Monday and he’s leaving Friday.

That my friends is refreshing.