The Tale of Two Anchors Arrested for DUI

Waston left, Raffa right

Waston left, Raffa right

It is interesting how TV stations deal with their talent being arrested for DUI.

Back in December, FTVLive told you that KYTV (Springfield, Missouri) Anchor Frances Watson was busted by police and charged with DUI.

The Gray station reported the story of her arrest and Watson has not retuned to the air since being busted.

In January, FTVLive told you that in the same market, KOLR Elisa Raffa was arrested and charged with DUI.

The Nexstar station never mentioned the arrested of their own and Raffa returned to the air almost immediately.

It is interesting as to how two stations in the same market dealt with their talent being arrested.

I guess if you want a station that is a bit more transparent, you go work for Gray. If you plan on drinking a driving, you might want to try Nexstar.