Props to the Photog...

FTVLive started in this business as a News Photographer and looking back it was still the best job we ever had in TV news.

Of course when we started shooting news, the equipment weighed well over a hundred pounds and to this day we deal with back issues from hauling around all that gear.

As a Shooter, you never really got the recognition that you deserved.

I would often tell Reporters that I worked with (yes back in those days, it was a crew and not just a single MMJ) that without me, it was radio. Photogs provided the pictures to the story. They are the people that take the viewer closer to the news.


So, it’s nice to see when a News Photographer gets some props.

That is what is happening for WVUE (New Orleans) Photojournalist Avis Landry.

Landry has been named to the Louisiana Associated Press Hall of Fame for his work.

Landry was 19-years-old when he started a career in T.V. news. His first day as an employee at WVUE Channel 8 was May 5, 1975. Forty-four years later, he is still working, learning, and growing.

Avis has worked for at least 10 news directors and has witnessed the evolution of broadcasting. He has transitioned from 16mm film to 3/4 tape to small digital camera that he shoots news stories with every day.

"The 3/4 deck, tube camera, light and battery pack were probably 50 pounds," he remembers.

He's adjusted to small digital cameras, and marvels at the quality of video that can be taken from a simple cell phone.

His motto is: I do the best I can and give 100 percent. If that’s not good enough, you have a problem. I don’t.

Congrats Avis on getting some well deserved props.