Tulsa Anchor Busted By Police

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Cops clamped the cuffs KOKI Anchor/Reporter Tiffany Alaniz.

Police say that Alaniz lost control of her vehicle and rolled and crashed into a power pole just before midnight on Thursday.

Officers say that Alaniz appeared intoxicated and after giving her a field test, she was arrested her on a DUI complaint.

The road in which she hit the pole had to be closed while repairs were made.

Looking at the Cox station’s website, we can not find the story of Alaniz’s arrest.

On the day she was arrested, Alaniz did a package on a woman that drove her car into a bank. I guess when a person drives their car into a power pole and shuts down the road it’s not news.

Here’s Alaniz’s story on the car crash just hours before her own crash.