You Might Want to Look Closer Next Time

WWBT in Richmond might want to look a bit closer at the video before putting in on air.

The station was covering a story at the local grocery store and shot video of one person’s shopping list. Obviously, no one looked very closely at the list before putting it on air in the newscast.

Among the items on the list were, Tampons and the shopper was reminded, “don’t fucking bring me pads again”

Also on the list, “Jizz Soap” which must be a brand we have not yet heard of. The shopper was told to pick up a “big bottle for your messy ass.”

I don’t know about you, but if someone wrote a list like this for me, they would end up with boxes and boxes of pads.

Also, I would be sure the list was not shot by the local news station.

Just saying…

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 4.29.12 AM.png