Sean Hannity Says His Show is Like the Newspaper

Sometimes Sean Hannity likes to say he’s a Journalist and sometimes he says that he’s not a Journalist.

Hannity gets made when people claim he’s not a Journalist, even though he has said as much in the past.

But now Hannity says that while he might not be a Journalist, his show does Journalism. Are you still with me?

Hannity says that his show is like getting the newspaper.

“We do straight news when there’s a war, straight news on weather, straight news on important incidences that are happening, like Ferguson when that was happening, or Baltimore. And then we give a lot of opinion. So we’re the news page, editorial page, the opinion page. We even do gossip and sports like tonight, for example, Tim Tebow is on. So we’re like the whole newspaper. That’s what we do. Freedom of the press” -Hannity said.

The only way that Sean Hannity is a like a newspaper, you can use both to wrap dead fish.

Just saying…