Sinclair Partners with the Chicago Cubs on Sports Channel


Sinclair lost out on their bid to buy the Tribune stations including WGN in Chicago.

Put Sinclair was able to swipe one of WGN’s prized possessions.

Sinclair has entered into a partnership with the Chicago Cubs to launch a Cubs centric sports channel that will move most of the teams games over to the channel.

For decades many of the Cubs games where broadcast on WGN and watched by thousands of people around the country. Now, Sinclair takes the games from WGN.

Having Cubs games on WGN was not only a big revenue stream for the station but also a sense of pride.

Word is that Tribune was fighting to keep the Cubs up until the time of the Nexstar announcement.

Many inside WGN are very concerned about the stations future without the Cubs.

You can bet the boys back at Sinclair are sitting back laughing that after everything that happened, because in the end they are walking away with Tribune’s most prized possession.

One can only wonder how long it will be before we see Boris Epshteyn singing “Take me out to the ballpark” during the 7th inning stretch?