Sacked in Raleigh

WRAL fired their longtime Meteorologist Greg Fishel in the middle of the very important February book over “a personnel matter.”

The station announced the news in a short reader:

As for Fishel, he released this statement:

“I want to let viewers of WRAL know that you will no longer see me as a part of the WRAL News team. I know there will be many questions as to “why?” and I would like to share what I can with you. I have been facing many personal challenges over the last year, and these issues have impacted my ability to work effectively and professionally. I take full responsibility for my actions and intend on meeting these challenges head on. WRAL-TV has accepted my resignation.”

Fishel has not been on the air since January 29th and while the station refers to his leaving as a resignation, it is not like the Chief Met had any choice.

WRAL GM Joel Davis declined to give specifics regarding Fishel’s departure, but said that “the way it played out it would have been impossible for him to continue here, but he offered up his resignation. … At the end of the day what I can say is that it was imperative from my point of view that it be clear that this was due to a personnel matter. This is something that was not the station’s doing.”

The 61 year old joined the station in 1981.