Bob Costas Says He Was Pulled From Super Bowl Coverage by NBC

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Bob Costas had a very long career at NBC sports, but it did not end very well.

For the most part, Costas just quietly went away and now he’s saying why that might have been.

Costas is publicly talking about one of the most controversial moments of the latter portion of his career. The broadcaster says he was unofficially fired from the network’s 2018 Super Bowl coverage, specifically for bringing up the concussion crisis that’s been quietly endangering the brains of NFL players for years.

Costas said he was told that he “crossed the line,” and that he’d no longer be allowed to host the Super Bowl.

While the NFL continues to be happy to pay lip service to the idea of making the game “safer,” it (or the networks who broadcast and profit alongside it) are still willing to bring the hammer down when someone starts talking about the fact that it’s still patently unsafe.

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