The 8th Best and Worst TV Markets to Work in

Let’s kick off the countdown with the 8th Best and Worst TV Market to work in of the Top 50 TV markets.

The 8th Best TV Market is Jacksonville, Florida.

We start off with a little love to our home market of J-Ville.

jax 1.jpg.1280.500.jpg

Jacksonville is the 42nd market and it is a good news town. Also, living in Jacksonville is much cheaper than living in Miami. Nowhere in Florida is that cheap, but remember, you paycheck is bigger because there is no state income tax.

The City of Jacksonville is packed with crime news and it is great for TV news people that need their crime fix. While I would recommend living outside the city, the city is great when it comes to crime stories. The politics is often crooked and that keeps Political Reporters hopping. Anywhere in Florida is sure to have “Flori-DUH” stories that you get nowhere else and Jacksonville is no exception.

Outside of work, you have beaches, St. Augustine and a number of activities to do outside.

The Market has a Graham, Cox and Tegna station and all are competitive in the ratings.

The 8th Worst Market is Salt Lake City, Utah.


A market that does not generate much news and is home to both a Nexstar and Sinclair station.

Much of the news revolves around the Mormon Church and if the Church doesn’t like a story, they will try and flex their muscle. The area is pretty, but the weather is not good.

It is not cheap to live there and if you’re single there is not a lot to do. If you get offered a job in Salt Lake, think long and hard before you say yes.

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