The 6th Best and Worst TV Markets to Work in

We move up the list to No. 6th on the list of the Best and Worst TV Markets to Work in (In the Top 50).

We head back to the Sunshine State and market 37, which is West Palm Beach.


The great thing about living in Palm Beach is you are above the crime line and below the frost line. When it comes to weather, it is hard to beat West Palm.

You have a solid Scripps and Hearst station in the market and they both put of very solid newscasts. The Sinclair station has basically been driven into the ground and it is one station you want to stay away from in the market.

West Palm always has news and no shortage of it.

From the very, very rich people in Palm Beach proper and Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s southern White House to Okeechobee and the very poor.

Living in West Palm Beach is not cheap, but you can still find some decent places to live off the beaten path. You have great beaches, great shopping and all the sun you want.

It is a great market to live, work and play.


The 6th Worst is market 50 and New Orleans.

At one point in time, The Big Easy was a great market to work in. But after Katrina hit, it lost a lot of population, dropped way down in market size and even today, many parts have still not recovered.

Not much news outside of Mardi Gras and a trip to New Orleans is always a bit depressing.

On the plus side, the food is great and if you are a bar fly, then you might like it there.

But honestly, you might want to think twice before taking a job there.

Check back next hour for the 5th Best and Worst TV Markets to Work in.