The Ridiculous...

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The Super Bowl is Sunday and FTVLive predicts the Patriots will beat the Rams 34-20, but we’ll be pulling for the Rams.

The game airs on CBS and this is a chance for CBS affiliates to get some viewers to watch their station, that don’t normally do so.

Many stations are bringing in their main anchor teams to do the late newscast after the game. Although we feel for the weekend team, we totally get why stations are doing that. It gives them a chance to maybe get some viewer sampling that they might not otherwise get.

Now for the ridiculous….

We know of more than a few CBS affiliates that are bringing in their main morning anchors in to anchor the station’s Sunday morning newscasts.

What the hell?

Does management really think that people are waking up on Sunday morning at 7AM and turning the TV onto the CBS station for a game that does not start in 12 hours?

Seriously, this is how some TV station management think. It really makes you wonder how these people make it into management in the first place?

Or maybe, this is just another scam by the TV consultants.

Either way…