And Here Comes the Boycott

When WHEC made the decision to terminate Weather Anchor Jermey Kappell for uttering a racial slur on air, then knew they were in a tough situation.

Either way, they knew that they were going to face backlash in whichever decision they made.

An online petition was quickly started to bring Kappell back to the station. Despite these petitions popping up all the time, we don’t know of a single incident of the person returning to the TV station.

Now a Rochester area car dealer has pulled their ads from the station and posted this to social media:

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 3.35.47 AM.png

FTVLive has never been a fan of advertiser boycotts and this one seems to be lame at best. If the station kept Kappell, you get bet that some other company would have boycotted the station.

If one of their car salespeople said a racial slur on the floor of the dealership, even if it was an accident, would they have kept the salesperson or not?

WHEC was in a very tough situation and they made the call to fire their employee.

Ontario Honda decides to boycott and then post about it to hopefully get some attention and maybe sell a car to two.

If this was not about attention, they could have just pulled their ads and said nothing.

I’m sure there is a salesperson at WHEC us whining because one of their big clients pulled their spots. If I was WHEC, I would never let Ontario Honda place an ad on the station ever again.

Just saying….