Tribune CEO Whines that Spectrum is Spreading False Information

Tribune CEO Peter Kern is spending his last days (before Nexstar takes over) whining about how Spectrum is spreading false information about his company.

Tribune station are off the Charter/Spectrum cable line up as they demand that the cable company pay more money to transmit their signal.

He claims that Spectrum is spreading lies, saying “We are not asking for triple or double the rates for our programming. We are asking only for a fair deal, one that is comparable to what every other cable and satellite TV provider pays us for our content. Spectrum, on the other hand, is a huge goliath of a company with over $43 billion in annual revenue and over $10 billion in annual profits — it is using its scale and all of you to try to pressure us to take less than a fair price. The reality is that what Spectrum is saying on TV and online about our negotiations is simply false.”

It’s obvious that what Tribune believes is a “fair deal” and what Spectrum thinks is fair and not the same.

The bottom line….. Spectrum will end up paying more and the final amount will never be said. Then Spectrum customers will see their cable bill rise and both Spectrum and Tribune (Nexstar) will get richer on the backs of the viewers.

If you haven’t cut the cord yet, make 2019 the year that you do so.

Just saying….