Rochester Wxman is Not the First to Get Sacked for Saying That


WHEC parted ways with Weatherman Jeremy Kappell after he uttered a racial slur on the air.

Kappell is not the first to get fired for saying the words, “Martin Luther coon King” on air.

Back in 2005, Rob Blair of KTNV (Las Vegas) was delivering the extended forecast when he said: "For tomorrow, 60 degrees, Martin Luther Coon King Jr. Day, gonna see some temperatures in the mid-60s."

Blair also lost his job.

"This kind of incident is not acceptable under any circumstances, and I'm truly sorry that this event occurred," KTNV GM Jim Prather said at the time.

Before being fired, Blair did apologize on the newscast, saying, "On a weather report earlier this morning, I made an accidental slip of the tongue when talking about the Martin Luther King holiday, and what I said was interpreted by many viewers as highly offensive. For that I offer my deepest apology. I in no way intended to offend anyone. I'm very sorry."

It took Blair two years to land a job in the small market of Chico, CA. he was let go from that station in 2013.