Being Replaced in Salt Lake City?

There is something happening at Nexstar’s KTVX in Salt Lake City and it appears that people are being left in the dark.

KTVX seems to be shaking up their evening anchor team, but they are doing it on the down low.

For about 5 years, the evening anchor team has been Don Hudson and Kim Fischer.

Last month, Fischer walked away from the anchor desk and TV news to work for a local school district.

Hudson has anchoring the newscasts solo or with other female fill-ins since Fischer left.

A few months ago, the station hired Jon Du Pre for a mix of general assignment and anchoring as a fill in or on their CW newscast.

KTVX just announced they hired a new main female anchor, Emily Florez (formerly of KUTV and NBC 5 Chicago).

The station changed their Facebook cover photo and it features Florez and Jon Du Pre. What it doesn’t show is Don Hudson.


The station has not said that Hudson is being replaced and the viewers in the facebook comments seemed to notice that something is up?

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 5.00.46 AM.png

So, is Hudson being pushed out? Does he even know? Was this Facebook banner posted a bit earlier that it was supposed to be?

Why post that but not make any announcement?

What can we say?

This is Nexstar….