News Directors...Don't Let This Happen

Somewhere in the midwest or northeast you can bet that this is the scenario that will play out on a few newscasts.

Anchor 1: Topping our news tonight is the bitter cold that has moved into the area. Experts say were are getting windchills that our area has never seen before.

Anchor 2: Medical professionals say that this cold is a killer and advises everyone to stay indoors and if you do go outside make it for seconds and not minutes and do not try to talk or take deep breaths while out in the extreme cold.

Anchor 1: Let’s go live to Action News Reporter Jane Smith who has been standing out by the lake front all night covering this story. Jane….

Any news manager that makes a talent go outside to go live in the bitter cold should be fired. The story can be told without subjecting your crews to the severe elements.

Don’t be that boss or manager that makes FTVLive tomorrow because you sent a crew out to do live hits in weather that can literally put them in a hospital.

BTW- It’s good to be back in the World HQ.

Now, let’s do some news….