NAHJ Reacts to Brokaw's Comments


Yesterday, FTVLive told you that Tom Brokaw was busy trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube after angering a number of people with his comments on Hispanics.

During an appearance on this week’s, “Meet the Press”, NBC’s Tom Brokaw managed to enrage an entire ethnic group.

Brokaw made the comment that Hispanics should , “work harder at assimilation into American culture”. The former NBC Nightly News anchor quickly apologized.


Hugo Balta, president of NAHJ and ironically, a senior producer at MSNBC said, “Assimilation is denying one culture for the other”. The group is looking for more than just an apology from Brokaw.

So far, NBC has only said, ‘Tom’s comments were inaccurate and inappropriate and we’re glad he apologized’.

NBC did cover the story on last night’s Nightly News.