Anchor Is Defrocked!

Here’s something you don’t see every day.

An anchorman is defrocked for having an inappropriate relationship. WRAL-TV primary anchor David Crabtree has lost his position in the Episcopal church, because of a relationship that violated church rules. WRAL allowed Crabtree to go on-air with the ‘big’ announcement.

The story doesn’t stop there. FTVLive has been reporting on Crabtree’s tenure at WRAL for years. With a year to go, Crabtree announced he was retiring. Then he must have said, what the heck, I’ll stay on another 2 years but take a 2 month sabatical.

Forget Crabtree’s inability to leave TV news, what we want to know is how WRAL allows their primary anchor to be a deacon in a church? Seems like there could be some conflicts, there.