Are Joe and Mika (Legally) Dodging Taxes


If you have watched MSNBC’s Morning Joe you may have noticed that the camera blocking seems a bit messed up.

That is because anchors Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski have been broadcasting their show from their home in Florida.

The make shift studio has one camera on Scarborough and another on Brzezinski. They are sitting side by side, but they don’t look at each’s individual camera.

The show does not use a wide shot of the NY studio, because although the guests might be there, the stars are not.

Some say that the couple’s Florida move is to spend more time with elderly parents who live in the Sunshine State.

But Page Six says it is to benefit Scarborough’s tax situation.

Sources said the reason for the locale was a “tax dodge” — albeit a completely legal one — since Scarborough has a home in Florida and would need to spend a certain amount of the time there for any tax benefit.

“Mika just goes along for the ride,” a source said.

Scarborough, who’s still presently registered to vote in Connecticut., on Oct. 9, 2018 registered to vote in Palm Beach County, Fla. according to public records.

He listed no party affiliation.

By moving to Florida, he’d reduce his tax burden by roughly $550,000. Scarborough reportedly makes $8 million a year and would pay 6.99-percent state income tax in Connecticut, while there’s no state income tax in Florida, the Post’s Josh Kosman reports. To qualify as a Florida resident, he’d need to be there 183 days a year.

An insider added that while the show suffers in quality from the couple’s makeshift Florida set, that NBC News boss Andy Lack allows it since he’s close with Scarborough, even though others at the network are not fans of the plan.

FTVLive made the move to Florida for golf first and taxes second.