Just No...

April Samp

April Samp

FTVLive has talked time and time again how people that work in TV news need to keep their opinions to themselves and just present both sides of a story and let the public decide.

When it comes to the Covington Boys and what happened in DC, it seem everyone has an opinion.

Chris Meeth is a former political Reporter and he weighed in on his Facebook page about the incident. But, it is a reply to his post that we want to point out.

It comes from WOI (Des Moines) News Director April Samp.

It is hard to tell your staff not to voice their own opinions on stories when the News Director is doing just that.

News Director’s need to lead by example and that is not what happened here.

The “Covington Boys” is a polarizing story that has a lot of emotions on both sides. It might be best if TV news people just cover the story fairly, offering up both sides and not inject their opinion one way or the other.

But, when you have a news manager doing just that, it is hard to tell the staff, it’s not ok.

Here’s the post and Samp’s reply:

Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 4.16.35 AM.png