Gray Blames Government for Cuts at their Station


Gray’s KCWY (Casper) is whacking a bunch of people, but they are blaming it on the Department of Justice and not on themselves.

KCWY will merge operations with Gray’s KGWN in Cheyenne and around a dozen plus people will lose their jobs.

KCYW will simulcast news with KGWN and will replace their 6PM newscast with Jeopardy.

“Quite simply,” Gray said in a statement. “Gray has been forced to take this unfortunate action because DOJ blocked our acquisition of the CBS affiliation contract for our Casper low-power television station late last year.

“As we told DOJ, unless we acquire the CBS affiliation and thereby trigger a second retransmission revenue stream to offset our losses, we would be forced to eliminate most local news in Casper.

Sounds like someone is passing the buck if you ask us.