Trump Admits that MSNBC is Best

According to a new book, President Donald Trump admits that MSNBC is best and Fox News is worst.

When it comes to graphics that is.

Newscast Studio writes that according to an excerpt from a tell-all book from former White House aide Cliff Sims that it published.

“The graphics on Fox are the absolute worst — are you looking at this?” Trump reportedly said.

“CNN and MSNBC are both so much better. I hate to say it — honestly, I really hate to say it — but MSNBC has the best graphics. Fox is the best — they have the best talent. I mean, look at the rest of these people. They can’t believe what’s happening right now. But Fox’s graphics are terrible. They’ve got to do something about it,” the book, titled “Team of Vipers,” reads.

It’s not noted in the excerpt when the alleged statements were made, so it’s not clear which version of Fox’s graphics Trump was referring to. The network redesigned its graphics package and logo bug in September 2017.