Is Winnie from The Wonder Years Anchoring The News in Little Rock?

It was a tweet that started taking on traction and many thought it was true.

The first tweet talked about Winnie Cooper from the 80’s TV show The Wonder Years and what she is doing now?

Back in December, KARK Weatherman Pat Walker sent out this:

Walker was joking and there is no doubt that Brunner looks like Winnie Cooper, but many started believing that the child TV star was now anchoring the news in Little Rock.

In fact enough people started believing it that this week, Danica McKellar who played Winnie responded to Walker’s tweet:

So folks, it is not true that Winnie is now anchoring the news in Little Rock.

But, it is true that Doogie Howser is anchoring the news in NYC under the name Chris Wragge.