"In Hindsight We Shouldn't Have Done It"

NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke talked to Variety and when the subject of Megyn Kelly came up, Buke said this, “News organizations like ours should take risks,” Burke said. The decision to hire Kelly was ultimately Burke’s call, he said. “I went over and told (Kelly) she should come here,” Burke said and then added, “Megyn Kelly was a huge talent. She was at the wrong time of day (on NBC). In hindsight we shouldn’t have done it.”

No shit Sherlock.

Of course, when NBC hired Kelly, FTVLive predicted that she would last just two years at the network before NBC called it a failure.

We were off by just a week.

The next time NBC wants to make a big hire, feel free to reach out to FTVLive and for a small consulting fee, we’ll let you know if it’s a good hire or not?

Just saying…