This is Tegna...

In case you are living under a rock, parts of the United States government are shutdown. Almost 800,000 government employees watched pay day come and go and were not given a check, due to what is now the longest shutdown in history.

On Friday, United States Senator Tim Kaine stopped by Tegna’s WUSA in DC, to be interviewed on the morning newscast.

Let’s be honest, often when a politician is on local news it is often a snooze fest with the person just spewing talking points. But this time WUSA has a United States Senator booked during a historic shutdown and a guy that was the Vice Presidential candidate that ran against Trump.

So, did the Tegna station bring in the station’s to Political Reporter to conduct the interview? Or how about one of their many competent News Anchors?

No, they had the comedian do it.

Yep, in the midst of a government shutdown, a DC station had a comic interview a sitting US Senator.

Comedian Reese Waters lobbed softballs and no substance questions at Kaine, in which he swatted away like flies.

The station uses comedian Waters as their “news anchor” in the 6AM hour of their newscast. The station also hired comedy writers to help write the newscast.

We will say this again, they are using comedy writers to help write the newscast which is anchored by a comedian. The same comedian that they just used to interview a United States Senator during a historic government shutdown.

Yep…. This is Tegna.