That Was One Big F-Bomb

Over the weekend, FTVLive showed you a video of KCWY Anchor Amy Lanski dropping one big F-Bomb on air.

We’re not sure how this F-bomb got dropped on air, but take a look:

Now, if this was a top 50 market, we would say that Lanski should be fired or at the very least suspended for making this gaff.

But, KCWY in Casper, WY market size 197.

Lanski is in her first job out of school and just started working at the station last year.

This is where you go to make stupid mistakes like this. This is why TV news people should spend time in small markets before moving up.

You can bet that Lanski is embarrassed by her mistake and it is a good bet she will never make it again.

It was a mistake, but it happened exactly where it should happen….in market 197.