And Look Who Popped Up on Fox News?


It should come as no shock that after KUSI claimed that CNN dropped their interview with KUSI Reporter Dan Plante, look who popped up on Fox News.

Plante went on Laura Ingraham’s show of hate to say what happened with his CNN interview.

Plante told Laura Ingraham, “So here’s what happened. Every morning, in the news department, we talk about what we’re going to do for the day. We talk about the local news; we talk about the national news, and the only affiliate we have is CNN because we’re an independently family-owned station here in San Diego that likes to tell the truth. So when they called up and said, "Hey, we would like one of your reporters to sort of fill in the gaps. We’re doing a story about how the border wall really doesn’t work and they’re not that effective." Well, we got back to them and we said, ‘Hey, we’d love to do a little talkback with you, because I’m the reporter on the border.’ I’ve been there for many, many years, as you know, and made friends with a lot of border patrol agents – personal friends at this point. But when we called back and said, ‘Look, we’d be more than happy to provide Dan Plante for you, but he’s going to tell you what the border patrol agents tell him, and that is that the border walls work, whether you call it a wall, a fence or a barrier. It doesn’t matter. They work.’ “

Let’s break this answer down a bit.

Plante says his station “likes to tell the truth”…maybe they “like” to do it, but do they do it is the question?

Second Plante says, “I’ve been there (the border) for many, many years, as you know, and made friends with a lot of border patrol agents – personal friends at this point.

Is is a good thing that a TV Reporter assigned to cover border says that he is “personal friends” with Border Patrol agents?

Can you be an objective Reporter, when you are covering the story of “personal friends”?

Let’s say a Border Patrol Agent gets a bit too aggressive while making an arrest, but he also happens to be Dan Plante’s personal friend, who is on the scene of the arrest and is covering the story. Can we expect Plante to report on the agent’s actions? Or will he hold back on the report, because he is a “personal friend.”

These are the questions that KUSI might want to ask the next time they send Plante out to cover his “freinds” at the border.

Also, in talking to other TV news people in San Diego, they say “Illegal immigrants” are all over the Southern California city.

If the “walls work” then how come there are “Illegal immigrants” in San Diego?

Maybe we need something better than just a wall?

Those are just some of the questions we have and ones that Fox News and Laura Ingraham did not ask.