News Director Leaving the Bay


WFRV (Green Bay) News Director Kevin Osgood has put in his notice and is leaving the station. 

He's not only leaving the Nexstar station, he's leaving TV news altogether. He is going to become the  executive director of a maritime museum. Maybe he'll be working for Perry Snook.... get it.... Snook? It's a type of know what....never mind.

Here is the internal email that WFRV GM Mike Smith sent to the staff and was obtained by FTVLive: 

All - 

I have regrettably received and accepted the resignation of our News Director, Kevin Osgood, effective 9/14/18. Kevin has accepted the position of Executive Director of the Door County Maritime Museum. As most of you are aware, Kevin was born into boats in the New England area, served our country in the Navy, and has recently joined and has been very active in the Coast Guard Auxiliary, and had worked at one time in museum exhibit/display sales. I'm sad to say, that this looks like a good fit!

We've made many great strides in the newsroom under Kevin's leadership, and we will continue to move forward and grow along this same "Snowglobe" path. I have appointed Kelly Peterson to take over as the interim News Director. Kelly has great experience in large and small market television news, and she is looking forward to continuing our positive trajectory with both television and digital news content.

When you get a chance, please congratulate Kelly and also, reach out to Mr. Osgood and wish him well in his new endeavor - he has been a great leader and friend here at WFRV for the past 4+ years.