Family Affair

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WYFF in Greenville, SC. sent not one, but two Weather Anchor up to Hendersonville, NC to cover and do weather from the Justus Orchards apple farm which was celebrating 50 years in business. 

Now, any business that makes if 50 years, deserves a pat on the back, but sending two weatherman and doing a number of live hits, seems a bit over the top. Does WYFF do this for all businesses that reach 50 years? 

So why did Justus Orchards get so much play on the news? 

I wonder if WYFF Weatherman Chris Justus can explain.....wait a second..... Justus Orchards? Weatherman Chris Justus? 

Any relation? 

According to WYFF insiders yes there is, it is in fact his family that owns Justus Orchards. 

How about them apples?