Did Sinclair Disrespect the Flag and Our Veterans?

Back in November, Sinclair VP of News Scott Livingston sent out an email companywide telling them of a new graphic that was being added to the Sinclair station's newscast. 

"We are adding the American Flag to ourgraphic package and the flag will be integrated into the lower 3rd. We will debut our new look for Veterans Day, which is Saturday and show our pride for our great country. As you all know, the stars and stripes are a symbol of freedom, liberty and human rights, all important values that are the foundation of our democracy and country," said Livingston in the email.

The email included a look at the new super that Sinclair was putting on the air. 


But now, Sinclair's flagship station WBFF in Baltimore has launched a new set and a new graphics package to go along with it (right). 

A look at the newscast from last night shows that Old Glory seems to be gone from the WBFF supers and one can only surmise that Sinclair either hates our flag and our Vets, or Colin Kaepernick is now in charges of Sinclair's Graphics department. 

No word if the new WBFF graphics package will be rolled out at other Sinclair stations?

Stay tuned....  

Here's a look at the WBFF newscast open from last night: