OTA Talent Expands

Years ago FTVLive took a call from Jeff Marcu, a former Anchor and Investigative Reporter. Jeff had decided that he wanted to move onto the next chapter in his career and launched his own talent agency, called OTA Talent. 

In talking to Jeff, we saw and head an energy that was very refreshing. This was a guy that was driven to succeed. FTVLive knows what it is like to start a business from scratch and we know it's not easy. 

Here we are years later and OTA has expanded, taking on former Anchor Kimberly Price as an Agent and VP of the company. OTA also added longtime News Director Lindsay Radford to their team as an Agent as well. 

In a very short time, OTA has become one of the most respected talent agencies in TV. I can tell you, I have called Jeff at many odd hours and the guy ALWAYS answers the phone. He works as hard as anyone I know. His advice to his clients heading out on job interviews is spot on and he guides them well onto the next step in their career. 

Jeff and OTA have launched a new website  that looks awesome and have made a bigger commitment to their ad budget on FTVLive. It's nice to see the hard work paying off and watching this company grow. 

Check out their site and their business philosophy!