Boris: I Signed an NDA

Sinclair's political analyst Boris Epshteyn has now admitted that he signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement with Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign.

The Trump puppet appeared on a podcast with the National Review‘s Jamie Weinstein. 

Weinstein grilled Epshteyn for several minutes regarding his role as a political analyst, challenging him on whether he has ever disagreed with the Trump administration on anything, or said anything in his role with Sinclair that was “not what the White House would want” him to say. Notably, he did not come up with, or even try to come up with, a single instance of disagreement with Trump or the administration.

Logically, this lead to the question about signing agreements preventing one from disparaging Trump.

“Omarosa said that she signed a non-disclosure agreement that included a non-disparagement clause against the president and his family. And she said that all campaign staffers on the Trump campaign and many even in the White House signed that,” said Weinstein. “Did you sign one?”

“I believe I did sign one on the campaign and I don’t think I signed one at the White House,” said Epshteyn.

So, in other words, Sinclair's political analyst has signed an NDA with Trump that will not allow him to say anything negative towards the President or the White House. 

We are assuming that Sinclair knew about this before they hired him. Which begs the question, how the hell can you hire a political analyst that is bound by an NDA?!

If Sinclair didn't know, then let's hope they do the right thing, cut ties with Epshteyn and bring someone on that can speak the truth. 

We won't hold our breath. 

H/T Mediaite