Who are You Trying to Fool?

ABC News was looking for a story on Labor Day to help fill a newscast during what is traditionally a slow news day. 

When word came out that two boats crashed head-on in the Colorado River leaving one dead and three missing, ABC decided to add the story to World News Tonight. 

But, while ABC made it appear that the Reporter Kayna Whitworth was standing on the edge of the water where the accident happened, she was actually hundreds of miles away in Marina Del Rey, CA and nowhere near the Colorado River. 

Yes they supered Los Angeles, but she never said where she was and there is no doubt this was designed to make viewers think she was near the scene. 

It's not a flagrant foul, but when you have a President standing in the White House shouting "Fake News" you need to be doing the job better and more straight up and honest. 

Just saying...