No KAKE for You!

After 23 years at KAKE, Good Morning Kansas Jemelle Holopirek has been told her services are no longer needed.

More than two decades at the station and Holoprirek got a single line memo to the newsroom from KAKE GM Neal Davis, "Jemelle is no longer with KAKE. We wish her well in her future endeavors," the memo said.

Holopirek released a statement of her own that was a bit longer than one line and showed a bit more class: 

"KAKE has been an amazing place to work the last 23 years! I’m very sad to leave and I’ve loved waking up every morning and having coffee with all you awesome viewers of Kansas. Thank you for welcoming me into your home every day. I feel so honored and blessed. You have been a part of my life since I was 22 years old and now I’m in my forties. You were all there when I had the births of my three children, many of you sent gifts. Thank you! You have helped me raise them by all your parenting advice online, messages and phone calls. Thank you! My coworkers are my friends and I will miss them terribly. Life’s amazing (not always easy) but, every day is a true blessing. I hope you wake up every Friday and yell out a Woooooo Whooooo Friday! God bless! Again, thanks for letting me be in your home every morning. I don’t know my future plans but I will keep you posted on my social media pages! God Bless and rock your day! Life is good!"