It Moves to the GM's Office

TV stations continues to ask people to take on more roles in the station.

There was a day that when a news crew headed out on a story, there was a Reporter, A photographer and a Sound person. Now, at many stations, that job is down to just one person.

Producers are now putting in their own chyrons and graphics. It wasn’t long ago that you had 3 people doing those jobs.

It is all an effort to get stations do more with less and many would say that the product suffers because of it.

The only person that seemed to have a single job, was the General Manager.

But now, even that’s changing, at least in one market.

WPSD (Paducah, KY) announced that starting October 1st, WPSD GM Bill Evans will also be the new publisher at Paducah Sun newspaper.

Evans will also continue his role at WPSD along with trying to put out a newspaper.

Both WPSD and the Paducah Sun are owned by Paxton Media Group and Lord only knows how much money they are saving with this move.

No word if Evans also sent out this tweet:

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 3.35.05 AM.png