Tribune Station Losing Hope

This is one of those goodbyes that leaves a lot more questions than answers.

Longtime KSTU (Salt Lake City) Anchor Hope Woodside has been missing from the Tribune station’s air for months.

Viewers were left in the dark as to where the longtime Anchor was and when was she coming back?

When asked, the station responded that Woodside was on “vacation” and gave no other details.

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 4.29.06 AM.png

She had been off the air since July and the station said she was on vacation. That my friends is one hell of a vacation.

A Facebook page was started called “Where is Hope Woodside?”

Then yesterday, Woodside went to the station to record a farewell message.

It was less than a minute and it was pre-recorded.

Now, is there anyone out there that believes that this was amicable spit?



And if you do believe that the two parted sides with no controversy, then why did News Director Sternfield send out this message to staff that Woodside’s farewell message should not be shared on social media?

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 4.25.14 AM.png

So, you’re Anchor for almost 25 years, goes missing for months, is given less than a minute to say goodbye in a recorded (not live) video and it is not to be shared on social media.

Oh yeah…. no red flags here what-so-ever…

The sad thing is viewers will likely never know what happened? Was it a contract dispute? Did Woodside do something to get herself fired? It’s all just a guessing game.

You see, TV stations are very good about digging up the dirt on others. If the Mayor went missing from his job for months and then suddenly taped a brief message saying he was leaving, you can bet that KSTU would be all over the story and digging into what really happened?

But, this is TV news, where they don’t talk about the bad when it happens to them.

You see, when it comes to TV news, the hypocrisy runs deep.

Really deep.